The Mischief of Sin

The Mischief of SinThis scarce volume was first published in 1671, and there has never been a second printing until now. This book contains four parts: the mischief of sin, the desperateness of sinners, an alarm to sinners, and the punishment of hell. There is also a sermon on, The Mystery of the Lord’s Supper. “As devotional as it is doctrinal, as practical as it is biblically sound, and as delightful as it is convicting, this book cuts to the very heart of the biblical issues regarding sin.” ~ John MacArthur.

The King of Heaven’s Bath

As the merit of Christ’s blood pacifies God, so the virtue of it purifies us. It is the King of heaven’s bath. It is a laver to wash in. It washes a crimson sinner milk white. “The blood of Jesus cleanseth us from all our sin,” I Jn. 1:7. The Word of God is a looking glass to show us our spots, and the blood of Christ is a fountain to wash them away, Zech. 13:1. “Mischief of Sin” pg. 125

The Great Difference between Sin and Grace

See the great difference between sin and grace. Sin brings a man low, but grace lifts him high. Sin tumbles him in the ditch, but graces sets him upon the throne. “Mischief of Sin” pg. 36

When We are Brought Low, Let our Faith be High

When we are brought low, let our faith be high. Let us believe that God intends us no harm. Though He casts us into the deep, He will not drown us. Believe that He is still a Father. He afflicts us in as much mercy as He gives Christ to us. By His rod of discipline, He fits us for the inheritance, Col. 1:12. Oh, let this star of faith appear in the dark night of affliction. Jonah’s faith was never more in heaven than when he lay in the belly of hell, Jon. 2:4. “Mischief of Sin” pgs. 43-44

The Elect, by Nature, are as Wicked as Others

Christians, you who are vessels of election – were by nature as wicked as others – but God had compassion on you and plucked you as brands out of the fire! He stopped you in your course of sinning – when you were marching to hell! He turned you back to Him by sincere repentance. Oh, here is the banner of love displayed over you! ~ The Mischief of Sin

Gold, though Cast into Fire, Retains its Purity

Gold, though cast into the fire, retains its purity. Acts 20:23, “Bonds and afflictions abide me, but none of these things move me, neither do I count my life dear.” Though the archers shoot at a godly man, yet the bow of his faith abides in strength. Whatever he loses, he holds fast the jewel of a good conscience. He knows the crown of religion is constancy. And though persecution brings death in one hand, it brings life in the other. Though religion may have thorns strewn in the way, the thorns cannot be as sharp as the crown is sweet. “Mischief of Sin” pg. 62

Despair is a God-affronting Sin

Despair is a God-affronting sin. It is sacrilege; it robs God of His crown-jewels, His power, goodness, and truth. How Satan triumphs to see the honor of God’s attributes laid in the dust by despair! Despair casts away the anchor of hope, then the soul must sink. What will a ship do in a storm without an anchor? “Mischief of Sin” pg. 10

Mercy is a Magnet or a Millstone

If mercy is not a magnet to draw us nearer to God, it will be a millstone to sink us deeper to hell. Nothing so cold as lead, yet nothing more scalding when it is melted. Nothing so sweet as mercy, yet nothing so terrible when it is abused. Sinners never escape when mercy draws up the indictment. “Mischief of Sin” pg. 67

Death Changes Man’s Opinion about Sin

Death approaching changes a man’s opinion about sin. Before, he looked upon sin as merely a matter of merriment. He thought swearing an oath, drinking to excess, and wasting his precious time in vanity was but a light thing. He said of sin, as Lot did of Zoar, “Is it not a little one?” Gen. 19:20. But when he sees death’s grim face appear, he now has other apprehensions of sin than he had before. The wine that showed its color in the glass and smiled at him now bites like a serpent, Prov. 23:32. Those sins which before were thought to be light as feathers are now like talents of lead ready to sink him. “Mischief of Sin” 81-82

Christ’s Blood is a Softening Blood

Christ’s blood is a softening blood. There is nothing so hard but may be softened by this blood. It will soften a stone. Water will soften the earth, but it will not soften a stone; but Christ’s blood mollifies a stone. It softens a heart of stone. It turns a flint into a spring. The heart, which before was like a piece hewn out of rock, being steeped in Christ’s blood, becomes soft and the waters of repentance flow from it. How was the jailer’s heart dissolved and made tender when the blood of sprinkling was upon it! “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” Acts 16:30. His heart was now like melting wax. God might set what seal and impression He would upon it. “Mischief of Sin” pg. 126

A Great Faith is Like an Oak

A great faith is like an oak that spreads its roots deep and is not easily blown down, Col. 2:7. A great faith is like the anchor or cable of a ship that holds it steady in the midst of storms. A Christian who is steeled with this heroic faith is settled in the mysteries of religion. “Mischief of Sin” pg. 151