In Your Natural State, Your Souls are Mortgaged

Let me tell you, all you who are yet in your natural estate, your souls are mortgaged. If your land were mortgaged, you would endeavor to redeem it. Your souls are mortgaged: sin has mortgaged them, and has laid your souls to pawn, and where do you think your souls are? The pawn is in the devil’s hand, therefore a man in the state of nature is said to be ‘under the power of Satan’ (Acts 26:18).

 Now there are but two ways to fetch home the pawn, and both are set down in Acts 20:21; ‘Repentance towards God, and faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ.’ Unravel all your works of sin by repentance, honor Christ’s merits by believing: divines call it saving faith, because upon this wing the soul flies to the ark Christ, and is secured from danger. “Harmless as Doves” pg. 117-8