Ministers are Physicians under God to Cure Sick Souls

Ministers are physicians under God to cure sick souls; God has set in His church pastors and teachers (Eph. 4:11). The ministers are a college of physicians, their work is to find out disease and apply medicines; it is a hard work, while ministers are curing others they themselves are nigh unto death (Phil. 2:30). They find their people sick of several diseases; some have poisoned themselves with error, some are surfeited with the love of the creature, some have stabbed themselves at the heart with gross sin. O how hard is it to heal all these sick gangrened souls! Many ministers do sooner kill themselves by preaching than cure their patients; but though the work of the ministry be a laborious work, it is a needful work; while there are sick souls, there will be need of spiritual physicians. “Harmless as Doves” pgs. 127-128