When Christians Abate their Fervency in Private Devotions

When Christians abate their fervency in private devotions, God abates their peace. If you slacken the strings of the violin, the music is spoiled; so, if a Christian is slack in duty, they spoil the sweet music of peace in their souls. As the fire decays, the cold increases; so, as fervency in duty abates, our peace cools. “A Body of Divinity” pg. 264

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  1. I can say A-men to that…. Ones private devotions to God is a holy art that has to be practiced on a regular basis; The student learning the piano, or the violin knows that he will never excel unless he is faithful in practicing on his instrument, I think that it is similar with prayer, we must faithfully practice this holy art if we are to succeed with God.

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