Christ Prays for Every Sheep by Name

Many shepherds scarcely pray for themselves. Christ prays for all His elect sheep. John 17:9, “I will pray for them.” As Christ knows every sheep by name—so Christ prays for every sheep by name. “I pray for them.” And what does Christ pray for them? Why, He prays that they may not wander, that they may not tire or faint, that they may not die along the way. And this is Christ’s prayer for His sheep, John 17:11, “Holy Father, keep those whom You have given Me.” And this prayer of Christ’s prevails with God. If we consider Christ either in His office or in His relation to God, His prayer must be prevalent. Consider Him in His office as He is a Priest; consider Him as He is in relation, as He is a Son. If God could forget Christ as a Priest—yet He could not forget Christ as His Son. John 11:42, “I know You always hear Me.” And this prayer of Christ for His elect sheep is perpetual. There is not one minute wherein we can say that Christ is not praying for us. How can these sheep miscarry—when their blessed Shepherd is always watching over them and praying for them! ~ Sermon, The Good Shepherd

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Keep Your Heart as You Would Keep a Garden

Keep your heart as you would keep a Garden. Your heart is a garden (Song of Solomon 4:12); weed all sin out of your heart. Among the flowers of the heart, weeds will be growing—the weeds of pride, malice, and covetousness: these grow without planting and cultivating. Therefore be weeding your heart daily by prayer, examination, and repentance. ~ Sermon, The Spiritual Watch

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Few Know the Value of Their Hearts

Few know the value of their hearts. A farmer can set a price on his grain—but not on jewels. Men do not know the worth of that treasure they carry around with them; therefore they prefer other things. Keep your heart like a treasure. ~ Sermon, The Spiritual Watch

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Keep Your Heart as You Would Keep a Treasure

Keep your heart as you would keep a Treasure. A man who has a great treasure of money and jewels, will keep it with lock and bolt so that it is not stolen. Christian, you carry a precious treasure with you, even all that you are worth—a heart! The devil and the world would rob you of this jewel. Oh, keep your heart as you would keep your life. If you are robbed of this treasure—you are ruined. ~ Sermon, The Spiritual Watch

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Take Heed of Strange Fire

The temple had a fire burning on the altar; take heed of strange fire. But keep the fire of zeal and devotion flaming upon the altar of your heart; do temple work and offer up the sacrifice of a broken heart. When the heart is a consecrated place, a holy of holies, then God will walk there. Many a man’s heart is a pest-house, a bedlam, being polluted with sin. This is to put swine into God’s temple! This is to let the devil come into God’s temple! David’s heart was a dedicated temple (Psalm 119:38). ~ Sermon, The Spiritual Watch

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Healing for Hypocrisy

Christian, if you mourn for hypocrisy, yet find this sin so potent that you cannot get the mastery of it, go to Christ. Beg of him that He would exercise His kingly office in your soul, that He would subdue this sin, and put it under the yoke. Beg of Christ to exercise His spiritual surgery upon you. Desire Him to lance your heart and cut out the rotten flesh, and that He would apply the medicine of His blood to heal you of your hypocrisy. “The Godly Man’s Picture” pg. 19

A Man Ripe for Hell

Surely, there is not a greater sign of a man ripe for hell, than this, not only to lack grace, but to hate it. “All Things for Good” pg. 83

God so Calls as He Allures

God so calls as He allures; He does not force, but draw. The freedom of the will is not taken away, but the stubbornness of it is conquered. ‘Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power’ (Psalm 110:3). “All Things for Good” pg. 107

Faith Will Be of More Use to Us than Any Grace

Faith will be of more use to us than any grace; as an eye, though dim, was of more use to an Israelite than all the other members of his body, a strong arm, or a nimble foot. It was his eye looking on the brazen serpent that cured him. It is not knowledge, though angelic, not repentance, though we could shed rivers of tears, could justify us; only faith, whereby we look on Christ. “Without faith it is impossible to please God” (Heb. 11:6). “A Body of Divinity” pg. 218

Those not Settled are Wandering Stars

Now, such as are not settled in religion, will, at one time or other, prove wandering stars; they will lose their former steadfastness, and wander from one opinion to another. Such as are unsettled are of the tribe of Reuben, “unstable as water,” (Gen. 49:4); like a ship without ballast, overturned with every wind of doctrine. Beza writes of one Belfectius, that his religion changed as the moon. The Arians had every year a new faith. These are not pillars in the temple of God, but reeds shaken every way. “A Body of Divinity” pg. 1