The Great Difference between Sin and Grace

See the great difference between sin and grace. Sin brings a man low, but grace lifts him high. Sin tumbles him in the ditch, but graces sets him upon the throne. “Mischief of Sin” pg. 36

To Think Why You are Tempted is a Comfort

Satan doth not tempt God’s children because they have sin in them, but because they have grace in them. Had they no grace, the devil would not disturb them… Though to be tempted is a trouble, yet to think why you are tempted is a comfort. “A Puritan Golden Treasury

The Life of Sin is the Death of the Soul

The life of sin is the death of the soul. A sinner has all the signs of one that is dead; he has no pulse; for the affections are the pulse of the soul; his pulse does not beat after God. He has no sense: ‘Who being past feeling’ (Eph. 4:19). Dead things have no beauty, there is no beauty in a dead flower; dead things are not capable of privilege; the dead heir is not crowned. But grace is the vital artery of the soul; it does not only irradiate, but animate; therefore it is called ‘the light of life’ (Jn. 8:12). And believers are said to have their grave clothes pulled off, and to be alive from the dead (Rom. 6:13). By grace the soul is grafted into Christ the true vine (Jn. 15:5), and is made not only living but lively (I Pet. 1:3). Grace puts forth a divine energy into the soul. “Harmless as Doves” pg. 160