The Word Makes us Knowing and Growing Christians

The Word preached will not only make us knowing Christians, but growing Christians. Ministers are compared to clouds (Isa. 5:6); their doctrine drops as the rain, and makes the trees of God fruitful. I wonder not that they are barren trees and nigh unto cursing, that are not under the droppings of the sanctuary. A Christian can no more be fruitful without ordinances, than a tree without showers. “Harmless as Doves” pg. 188

Ministers Must Suite their Matter and Style to the Capacity of the Audience

[The minister must be] a plain preacher, suiting his matter and style to the capacity of his audience (I Cor. 14:19). Some ministers, like eagles, love to soar aloft in abstruse metaphysical notions, thinking they are most admired when they are least understood. They who preach in the clouds, instead of hitting their people’s conscience, shoot over their heads. “The Godly Man’s Picture” pg. 154

Ministers are Physicians under God to Cure Sick Souls

Ministers are physicians under God to cure sick souls; God has set in His church pastors and teachers (Eph. 4:11). The ministers are a college of physicians, their work is to find out disease and apply medicines; it is a hard work, while ministers are curing others they themselves are nigh unto death (Phil. 2:30). They find their people sick of several diseases; some have poisoned themselves with error, some are surfeited with the love of the creature, some have stabbed themselves at the heart with gross sin. O how hard is it to heal all these sick gangrened souls! Many ministers do sooner kill themselves by preaching than cure their patients; but though the work of the ministry be a laborious work, it is a needful work; while there are sick souls, there will be need of spiritual physicians. “Harmless as Doves” pgs. 127-128