Christ Prays for Every Sheep by Name

Many shepherds scarcely pray for themselves. Christ prays for all His elect sheep. John 17:9, “I will pray for them.” As Christ knows every sheep by name—so Christ prays for every sheep by name. “I pray for them.” And what does Christ pray for them? Why, He prays that they may not wander, that they may not tire or faint, that they may not die along the way. And this is Christ’s prayer for His sheep, John 17:11, “Holy Father, keep those whom You have given Me.” And this prayer of Christ’s prevails with God. If we consider Christ either in His office or in His relation to God, His prayer must be prevalent. Consider Him in His office as He is a Priest; consider Him as He is in relation, as He is a Son. If God could forget Christ as a Priest—yet He could not forget Christ as His Son. John 11:42, “I know You always hear Me.” And this prayer of Christ for His elect sheep is perpetual. There is not one minute wherein we can say that Christ is not praying for us. How can these sheep miscarry—when their blessed Shepherd is always watching over them and praying for them! ~ Sermon, The Good Shepherd

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